Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Tuesday Ten

I have seen this type of post on a couple of blogs and liked the idea of writing about things on my radar each week.  So, here is my Tuesday Ten for January 24th:

I know I am a little late to the party on this one but over the past two weeks I have spent quite a bit of time on Pinterest.  It is so nice to finally have a way to aggregate the interesting things I see when I am looking around the internet.  No longer do I have to bookmark a site only to have it get lost in one of the many folders I set up.  Now I can "pin" the picture I like and the link and my comments are saved on my page.  I can also see what other people are "pinning" and sort through things based on what ever category I'm interested in.  As I started talking about my new discovery, I have found a few others who have kept track of party planning and found great decorating ideas on the site.

I found this new blog through a Facebook post by Keil James Patrick {more about him and his bracelets in another post coming soon,} who posted about Sarah Vickers, a Rhode Islander who describes her blog as "A New England girl's pursuit of quality fashions, friendships and coastal living."  Let me just say, I really want to be her friend -- she has the most impeccable taste!  Each day the pictures highlight not only some beautiful clothes, but seem to capture the essence of New England life.  I have a feeling that as I continue my transition from warm-weather California girl to an all-season Easterner, I will be taking cues from her style.

Currently, I am finding the right time to purchase these Sperry boots:

Hingham Boot

As long as I can remember, my mom has been ordering things from Land's End.  We mostly stick to the basics, but there is no arguing that the clothing is very well made.  Recently I discovered a new line from the company called Land's End Canvas; offering clothes that are "more real and relevant for how you live today."  The prices are still very reasonable for a timeless style and modern fit.

4. Couture Fashion Week
I really have no business loving Couture Fashion Week as much as I do, but there is just something about high-fashion designers showcasing clothes that no real human will ever wear.  Maybe it is the art of it all, but I can't get enough of reading about Christian Dior, Chanel and Valentino -- among all of the others.  I'm always interested to see what influence these shows have on next season's ready to wear.


5. Vueve Cliquot and Fresh Beauty Survival Kit
I ran across this collection on another one of my often read fashion/beauty blogs: Beauty Snob.  When I saw the picture, I thought to myself: I like Fresh products. . . I like Vueve Cliquot . . . it just makes sense!  

The cute cosmetic bag comes with the Sugar Lip Treatment with SPF15; Seaberry Restorative Body Cream To-Go; Crème Ancienne; Brown Sugar Hand Cream; and a Citron de Vigne Rollerball.  It seems to have everything you need to keep skin moisturized in the very chilly, dry winter weather.  And I have a feeling some of my SoCal friends will find useful things here too.  It is available from Fresh on February 1st for $60.

6. New butter LONDON nail lacquer collection
I've written about butter LONDON nail lacquer before but in recent weeks the company has released their Spring/Summer 2012 collection, and unlike with most manufacturer's special collections, I like all of the colors.  The bright hues stand out without being too over the top and the neutral Bossy Boots is a nice alternative to the many warmer tones I have seen this year.  I'm looking forward to trying these out!

butter LONDON

7. Sundance Film Festival
Much like Fashion Week, I don't have a lot invested in the Sundance Film Festival, but I do like reading up on the films that are screened over the course of the festival.  Whether it is a new film, director or actor who pops out of the woodwork, more often than not I find something that, when pursued, has been a great conversation item in the following weeks.

This one also isn't new and there isn't really anything I can say that others haven't, but I just love this show!  Growing up, I watched Masterpiece Theater {or Masterpiece as it is called now} with my parents and while the content wasn't always riveting, I have since kept the PBS programming on my radar.  {Mystery is another great series!} After reading about Downton Abbey in various publications I watched the entire first season on Netflix in two days and promptly set my DVR to record.  I still haven't caught up on Season 2 yet but can't wait to see what happens.  I'm also realizing it takes quite a bit of restraint not to read all about it on the internet since it has already aired in the UK.

9. Girl Scout Cookie Finder Applicaiton
It's Girl Scout Cookie time and who doesn't love Thin Mints?!?! But what happens if you don't have a niece, friend's daughter or co-worker's relative selling them. . . you use an App of course!  This application was evidently released last year but allows users to track where cookies are going to be sold near them at places like grocery stores and book stores.  What could be better than getting an alert on your phone when cookies are near? {Available on iTunes}

Oh, the things people have time for.  I'm not really up to speed on the aversion to the Comic Sans font, but there is a website out there set on defending it.  As the self proclaimed "Comic Sans defenders" the site shows many of our most beloved logos written in Comic Sans.  I think what I like most about the daily visual is that I never realized just how much font can impact what a logo looks like.  Here are some of my favorites:

What do you think of what's been on my mind?

Until tomorrow . . .

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