Saturday, January 14, 2012

On my honor, I will try . . .

On my honor, I will try:
to serve God and my country,
to help people at all times,
and to live by the Girl Scout Law
- Girl Scout Promise

I was a Girl Scout for more than 12 years when I was young.  

Admittedly it has taken me a while to be proud of and vocal about that fact, but looking back I wouldn't I would change it.  I haven't thought about my time in Girl Scouts for quite some time but recently I was talking with someone at work and the subject came up.  The conversation was in reference to a service project we had been doing and I proudly stated that I earned my Gold Award - the highest honor in Girl Scouting {and equivalent to the Boy Scout Eagle Award.}

When I was growing up Girl Scouts definitely wasn't "cool" but it was how I met some of my very close friends {to this day} and also let me spend time with my Mom because she was our leader.  I got the opportunity to go to sleep away camp for the first time and of course sold the classic cookies every year.  We were taught many practical skills {balancing bank accounts, camping/survival, sailing} and also instilled with values that may not always be top of mind with many young women these days.   

Looking back I do believe that many of the things we learned gave us the confidence to be the strong women we are today.  Earlier this week I came across an article that reminded me how integral scouting has been in my life.   If these women can be at the top of their fields, so can I.  

The Top 5 Former Girl Scouts Running The Business World

It’s the 100th anniversary of the Girl Scouts — and cookie selling season is underway! We’re celebrating by taking a look at some of the most successful women who spent their youths as scouts. And by eating a lot of Thin Mints! If you take a look at this list, you’d think joining the Girl Scouts was a surefire ticket to leading corporate America.
This time around, we stuck with women in the private sector. Frankly, if you looked at all the women in Washington politics who started out as Girl Scouts, this list would be endless: Hillary Clinton, Madeline Albright, Janet Napolitano, Janet Reno, Condoleeza Rice, and dozens of Senator and House Representatives.

Were you a Scout?  How did it impact your life? 

Until tomorrow . . .

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