Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Tuesday Ten {1.31.12}

1. Kristen Bell Really Loves Sloths
I haven't seen too much of Kristen Bell's work {though I love "Forgetting Sarah Marshall" and she is Gossip Girl!} but in her recent interview with Ellen, she talks about a very sweet thing that her fiancĂ© Dax Shepherd did for her birthday.  Evidently she loves sloths, {random} and when he brought one to the house for her birthday party she TOTALLY lost it.  And of course, what good fiancĂ© wouldn't video everything?  Take a look - she is utterly adorable!

2. Super Bowl Commercials 
With the Big Game only days away, companies are starting to leak their commercials.  I have to say I don't really like going into the day knowing what half of the commercials, but there are some interesting ones this year that will definitely spark some conversation.  

I CANNOT wait for this movie.  I'm a comic book nerd.  And Chris Evans.  'Nuff said.

Ferris Bueller 
What do you think of the Ferris Bueller re-up?  The hardest part for my was buying that after driving the Ferrari, a Honda CR-V is going to do it.  Love the memories that the commercial brings back though.  Here's a link to what Matthew Broderick has to say about the commercial: link

Jerry Seinfeld
I was never a huge Seinfeld fan but I do like this one.

3. Sperry Top-Sider
I love pretty much all things Sperry Top-Sider.  I have a vague knowledge of them growing up on the West Coast but it wasn't until I moved East that I realized how great their products are - even if you aren't on a boat.  In 9 months I have managed to acquire two pairs of boat shoes, a pair of rain boots and purchased a great grey wool pea coat at their store.  It shouldn't be surprising to anyone that I have a few more pairs on my list too.  But with today's news in New York Magazine that they are expanding into more items {belts, swimwear & scarves} I can hardly wait.  I'm really looking forward to seeing what they come up with!

4. OK GO's "3 Primary Colors Song" on Sesame Street
I have enjoyed OK GO videos since they stepped on treadmills for "Here we go" and this is another good one.  What a great way to learn the basics of the color wheel

5. Light Festival in Ghent {the website is in German}
This is another one I don't know too much about, but when I saw the lights I couldn't help but post about them.  I have always loved Christmas lights and while not Christmassy, these displays are incredible!

6. Kristen Stewart's Photo Shoot
I ran across these photos of Kristen Stewart in the midst a photo shoot for Vanity Fair as I was wandering online today and I have to say, she looks breathtaking.  Now that the Twilight mania has settled down a bit {until "Breaking Dawn Part 2" premieres} and she isn't in all places at all times, I have grown to like her.  And this dress is absolutely beautiful!  It is originally from the Christian Dior 2012 collection and while I have no idea where one would wear it, I sort of want it in my closet.  Or wherever one would keep a dress like this.

7. Vanity Fair's Young Hollywood Issue
Each March, to coincide with Award Season, Vanity Fair publishes a Hollywood issue, and this year the cover story is the young ladies of Hollywood.  I really liked the styling of this year's cover with the ladies in almost metallic pastel gowns.  In addition to the great covers, it is always a great read.

8. Shirley MacLaine is coming to Downton Abbey
I talked last week about my love for Downton Abbey and this news only makes it better!  Shirley MacLaine has been cast as Cora Crawley's American mother and she is headed to Downton to take on the Dowager Countess.  I don't know who will triumph, but I do know there will be some great lines.  I can't wait to see what the writers come up with.

9. The Academy of Motion Pictures Arts & Sciences website and iPad App
As we count down to the Oscars this year, AMPAS {Academy of Motion Pictures Arts & Sciences} has developed quite a bit of content for their site and also an iPad app.  On both platforms you can watch the nominations being announced, look at previous year's winners and cast your ballot for this year's program.  It is a great way for people to be involved leading up to February 26th.

10. Virginia Men's Basketball
18-3!  Ranked 18th in the country!  Go Hoos!

Photo Credit: Matt Riley

Photo Credit: Matt Riley

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Monday, January 30, 2012

2012 Sag Awards

I was lucky enough to attend the Sag Awards when I lived in LA, and everything they say about this being the most fun award show of the season is true.  The actors all seem to be having a great time together catching up and seeing old friends.  It truly felt like a reunion more than a work event as much of the season does.

Last night's festivities did not disappoint.  From Tina Fey chugging Steve Buscemi's wine after the ladies from Bridesmaids turned the evening into a drinking game to Betty White's {slightly undeserved} acceptance speech, it was all a good time.  And there were some very touching moments too; the cast of "The Help" won a VERY well-deserved ensemble cast award, and its leading ladies, Viola Davis and Octavia spencer were rightfully honored as well.  I hope they are both busy prepping their Oscar acceptance speeches!

Of course, as always, the fashion was worth admiring.  There were so many good looks this year it was hard to pick my favorites!  {I'm focusing on the ladies today and only showing the looks I liked.  While there were a few ensembles that left something to be desired, I've always been a bit opposed to "Worst Dressed" lists.  Who hasn't had a bad day?}

What did you think of the Sag Awards fashion?

Ariel Winter in Collette Dinnigan

Emily Blunt in Oscar de la Renta

Emma Stone in Alexander McQueen {My absolute favorite of the evening}

Julie Bowen in Alice Temperley {I LOVED the back of this dress!}

Kyra Sedgwick in Emilio Pucci

Michelle Williams in Valentino

Octavia Spencer in Tadashi Soji

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Saturday, January 28, 2012

Sunday Re-Imagined

I am a pretty big football fan {of both college and the NFL} and with The Big Game coming up next weekend there have been quite a few interesting articles and sites popping up on my reader.

One that caught my eye immediately was "Gridiron League", a set of the NFL logos re-imagined by a graphic design artist named Wes Kull.  He describes the project as:

Gridiron League is a collection of idealized NFL insignias that pay tribute to each team's history and geography in a period-specific aesthetic that glorifies the Vince Lombardi-era over the Cold-Activated-era. This is not an exercise in nostalgia but an interpretation of the league's founding principles through the symbols that we, as football fans, identify with most.

It is pretty cool to see the team logos through his eyes!  A few are definitely improvements from where the league is today.  Some of my favorites:

And in honor of The Big Game:


Mr. Kull's other sites are worth looking at too.  I love the clean, uncomplicated lines of the work that he does. 

Deloitte Film Festival

Pratt Institute Yearbook
LA State Historic Park

What do you think of Mr. Kull's designs?

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Friday, January 27, 2012

Color On A Rainy Day

It rained today.

While the skies were grey all day long, on the ground there were pops of color here and there with some bright and cheerful umbrellas.

Until {a sunnier} tomorrow . . .

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Missing The South

Any magazine that has these articles:

"The 50 Best Southern Foods"

Writes about the "Blessing of the Hounds
{which marks the start of fox hunting season in November} 

And has more bow ties on its homepage than are in the entire state of California
{yes, it's a bit of exaggeration, my CA based father owns at least three of them. . .}
is a magazine that stays at the top of my reading pile.

I have just recently discovered "Garden & Gun" and have enjoyed reading almost every article.  I can't wait until I get my first print copy!  If you enjoy any and all things Southern, you should take a look.


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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Sue Devitt Beauty

I don't wear a lot of makeup on a day to day basis.  But one of my go-to products for everyday is the Eye Intensifier Pencil from Sue Devitt Beauty.


Eye Intensifier Pencil

My first experience with Sue Devitt was about 10 years ago when I randomly found her products at a counter in the mall.  The first two items I tried out were; a liquid eye shadow {now discontinued} and this pencil.  From the first time I lined my eyes, I could feel the difference in how the color went on.  I was very surprised at how smoothly the pencil glided along my lashes as I applied the color.  Even after a fresh sharpening, there is no pulling at my lash line.  The pencil is also soft enough to be used as a shadow in addition to a more defined liner.  I haven't mastered it yet, but when I am traveling this is great for paring down my makeup bag.  In addition to the soft feel and versitility, I love the great color choices.   Check them out here.  My current favorite are: Golden Triangle {an olive greenish} and Ava {a purple.}

Golden Triangle

I was also given the Hydrating Marine Minerals Destination Eye Pallette in Kinimanjaro {shades of purple} for Christmas and I am looking forward to trying it on my next night out.  The mix of colors is going to create a nice smoky eye.

The line has now extended to many other great products aside from traditional makeup items including skin care, fragrance and brushes.  Sue Devitt herself, a celebrity makeup artist, also gives beauty tips on the site so people can re-create her beautiful red carpet looks.

What do you think?  Have you used Sue Devitt?

Until tomorrow . . .