Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Finding Fabulous Things. . . C. Wonder

This holiday season I spent quite a bit of time shopping, and during one of my trips to Garden State Plaza in December I stumbled upon a fabulous new store called C. Wonder. 

C. Wonder

Since then, after doing a little bit of digging, I've seen a number articles and a handful of posts on various blogs about this new venture.  The stores are the brainchild of Chris Burch {Tory Burch's ex husband} and the first store launched in mid-October 2011 in the form of a 5000 sq-ft SoHo masterpiece {all locations}.  While the brand is not associated with the Tory Burch line, I don't think it will take long for devotees to be mixing and matching products from each of the lines along with many other of the favorite NYC preppy staples.

I've only been to the Paramus, NJ location {so far} but wandering through the store is a very "bright" experience.  There is color everywhere you turn and a staggering array of products throughout the store; everything from cute shoes and purses to household items and unique gifts.

And my personal favorite - DIY Wine bags:

It is a great shop with reasonable prices and I highly recommend that you drop in if there is a store near you or you check out the C. Wonder website.  

Over the next year I have a feeling I will be finding many of the gifts I give here.

Until tomorrow . . .

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