Monday, January 23, 2012

Finding Fabulous Things: Trumpette

Over the past year, a number of my friends have had children and I have to admit that I have had a difficult time finding just the right gift.  While there is no shortage of cute things out there for little ones, there are only so many onesies that a baby needs in those first three months.

While I was in Charlotte this past Thanksgiving, my adorable year-old cousin {she is really a first cousin, once removed, but who is keeping track!} toddled up to me with what looked like the cutest shoes on.  But after further inspection, they weren't shoes at all but rather, socks that were designed to look like shoes.  Made by a California based company called Trumpette, I instantly knew that this was what I wanted to get all of my friends.

Most of the socks come in 6 count packs of "shoe designs" and each pair has the Trumpette logo embossed on the sole so there is no slipping as the little one runs around.  When I spent some time on their site, I couldn't believe how many options there were to choose from.  And not only do they have socks, but they have some very fun and unique clothing items.

So far I have bought the "Skater Johnnys" for my best friend who's husband loves to skate and surf and the "Pastel Mary Jane's" for a friend who just loves her shoes.  I can't imagine her darling girl will be any different.

Some of the sock designs . . . I really could buy them all!

Skater Johnny

Awchooo Argyle


New York!

Pastel Pixies

They also have adorable seasonal items!

Shamus O'Riely
Molly O'Brian
Valentine's Day Pixies

And their non-socks are just as cute:
Headphone Hat
Sunglasses Shirt
Baby Gift Set
Piggy Bank
"Surf" bag

What do you think of Trumpette?

Until Tomorrow . . .

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