Monday, January 9, 2012

Flowers To Brighten Up the Cold Winter Days

Most people usually think of flowers when the temperatures start to climb up the thermostat and the sun starts staying out later than 4:30pm -- myself included.  But this year, after purchasing a Paperwhite potted kit at Target, I started to take note and look around for flowering plants that can provide color to even the bleakest of winter days.  While my mind immediately went to the classic Christmas Poinsettia {not really a flower per se}, after doing some googling on the subject, I found some familiar names make their debut by peeking out through the snow or waiting for that colder weather, whatever climate you may be in.





Lenten Rose


Iceland Poppy

Witch Hazel


I just love how bright and cheerful these plants are!  Maybe spring isn't really that far away!

Until tomorrow . . .

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