Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Pop Culture Blind Spot

There are certain things in this world where it seems like everyone has seen or done them.
Like watching certain movies or reading a specific book.

And when you run across a person who hasn't, it kind of blows your mind.
"How on EARTH can she live without having seen The Princess Bride?!?" A movie that falls into this category for me.
{And I do have friends who haven't seen it. . . How, I ask!}

Earlier this week I ran across a post on NY Magazine's Vulture blog that talked about just this.  Even their writers and certified pop culture experts have a few gaps in entertainment knowledge.

It got me to thinking about what my pop culture blind spots are.
Here is what I came up with:

Arrested Development

I just never really got around to watching this series.  From everything I've heard, it is right up my alley, but I haven't seen a minute.  Maybe I'll catch up when it comes back on Netflix and as a movie.

Rocky {any of them!}

I know, I know.  It's just a movie about a boxer never seemed interesting . . . .
{For the record, I know I'm wrong and it is on my list}

Lord Of The Rings Movies

I even own the first one, but this fantasy world wasn't one I was ready to sink 11 hours and 23 minutes of my time into.

In Living Color

I'm kind of glad the re-make is officially off the table because I would have to catch up!

Are you appalled by my admissions?  Do you have any pop culture blind spots?

Until tomorrow . . .

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