Sunday, January 6, 2013

Good Will Hunting - 15 Years Later

I can't believe it has been almost 15 years since this:

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{In 1997/98 I was a freshman at UC Berkeley.  Seems like so long ago!}

But this week I ran across an article on
that re-visited the movie after 15 years and talked to some of the players.
Including its two leading men: Damon and Affleck.

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The article is a great look at how the movie got made and the different roads it could have taken.
I recommend reading it if you liked the movie or have an interest in the world of Hollywood.
Hearing how these two navigated the waters is rather amusing.

After reading the article, I decided to watch "Good Will Hunting" again this weekend.
I had seen it a few times over the years but didn't remember the intricacies of the film, and it was every bit as good now as it was when released.

In my mind, it isn't too often that a movie like this holds up to time.
Excluding the obvious fashion and hairstyle choices!

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As with anything, watching it again I picked up a few things I didn't notice before.
Here's what I learned tonight - 15 years later:

1. Matt and Ben look SO young.
2. To have experience, you have to have more experiences.
3. Ben Affleck can really rock white socks and boat shoes.
4. A true best friend is one of the most valuable things in the world.
5. Robin Williams gets really mad when you steal his material.

Until tomorrow . . .

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