Monday, December 12, 2011

The Start of my December Photo Project

I'll write an official intro post later today, but for now, I am bringing this over from my other blog. . . .

The "December Photo Project"  One photo a day for the month of December.  I'm starting late, but I have some pictures to help me catch up.

12.2.11 The Christmas tree at the New York Public Library

12.3.11 This is the view up the Hudson River at West Point - BEAUTIFUL!!  And a really great tour.  Go Army!

12.4.11 My parents, Aunt, Cousin and I went to The NY Botanical Gardens to see the Christmas Train show.  All of the buildings in the show are replicas of past and present NY structures made out of natural materials.  This is Yankee Stadium as seen through an Instagram filter.

12.5.11 Radio City Music Hall!!  The Christmas Spectacular is great this year.  It was my first time seeing it, but I absolutely loved it.  They had camels!

12.11.11 Ok - so this isn't a real photo, but I found a website where you can make these "Keep Calm" signs to say what you want.  I've always loved this poster and have already spent way too much time making up fun ones with my own sayings.

Till later today. . . 12.12.11

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