Thursday, December 15, 2011

December Photo Project 12.15.11: Keeping me toasty and warm

It gets down right cold here in New York and with my still thin West Coast blood, I will do pretty much anything to stay warm.  Last year, near the end of the season I saw what I had been looking for - a cashmere covered hot water bottle from Restoration Hardware.  This was probably the worst/best example of not knowing that I needed something until I saw it, but it was just so soft!

I didn't end up getting it last year, but when it looked like this

out my apartment window before November even hit, I decided to see if they were in stores again this year.

I was in luck!  It comes in 7 colors, and even through it warmed up for a few weeks after I made my purchase, with the temperatures last week I loved curling up to read with my very own water bottle in Silver Sage (I absolutely love this RH color!). 

I clearly talked quite a bit about this concept over the past 9 months because just recently, one of my very dear friends gave me a different one for Christmas:

Faux Fur Version
It is even softer!

To get a better idea of what they really look like, here is a link to the Restoration Hardware site:

Cashmere Hot Water Bottles

Until tomorrow (I'll be snuggled up and warm!). . .

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