Sunday, December 18, 2011

December Photo Project 12.18.11: Christmas Cards

Every year, when the holidays come around I have a the most difficult time making a decision about which Christmas cards to send.  This year, I wasn't as pro-active as I should have been, so I ended up getting them at Target.  There were a lot of great options, but I do wish I had planned a little bit better and ordered them from somewhere online.   I just love stationary and cards at any time of the year and it amazed me when I started to look around just how many cute and unique cards are available.  With this in my head, hopefully I will take the time after Christmas to buy next years cards. . . . and maybe even find a great deal.

My 2011 Cards


Nantucket Christmas

Felix Doolittle Cards

My kind of Christmas!!!





Pumpernickel Press
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