Sunday, September 7, 2014

Falling Right Back Into Step

One of the best parts about being back in California, aside from the amazing weather, is that I have been able to reconnect with quite a few old friends.

I've been very lucky to have forged some AMAZING, without a doubt, life-long friendships throughout every stage of my life, but there is just something about the friends who have known you since before you knew yourself.
They watched you go through all the crazy stuff, helped you out when you were in a jam and in all likelihood helped you get into the jam in the first place.

But no matter how long it has been, when they walk in the room, it feels as though it has been 5 minutes since you saw them last.  

My heart is definitely happy.

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Do you have friends like these in your life?  
Give them a hug if they are near or a call if they are far.

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