Sunday, June 24, 2012

A New Obsession

I have a weakness for all things design, especially home design.  Each time I look at a website or pictures in an article I dream about the day that I have a place of my own, and the resources to decorate it.  Monica had her wedding binder, I have a binder of things to do when I own a home.

Recently I came across the Curbed Network of sites and since finding them, I have spent way too much time looking at their various sites.  They have multiple sites based all across the country, in addition to a "National" site.  More than enough content to keep a person occupied for quite some time.  

Not only do they have multiple cities for Curbed, they have Eater {focused on restaurants} & Racked {devoted to shopping.}  

Curbed {my first find, and where I spend most of my time} is a unique, hip set of sites that post about real estate and life in various locals.  From beautiful houses for sale to property with some very unique attributes they seek to provide information you won't see in the brochures.  This weekend on their Hamptons {NY} outpost they also posted on available reservations at local restaurants.  Very helpful for those in the area!  

Here's how they describe themselves:

"Curbed Network delivers intelligence on dining & nightlife, shopping & fashion, and design & real estate to an affluent and influential urban audience."  
"Curbed's city sites breathe life into real estate and neighborhood news with witty and insightful coverage of the country's most vibrant urban centers. Our editors relentlessly report on sales and rental prices, new developments, neighborhood trends, and celebrity deals. 
Find Curbed in New York, Boston, The Hamptons, Philadelphia, DC, Atlanta, Chicago, Detroit, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Seattle. 
Curbed National takes our obsession indoors, with a focus all-things design, decor, and shelter, from Malibu dream houses to Wyoming ranches to Maine cabins, and all residences in between."
As I start the summer with the goal of trying new things across the North East I will definitely be turning to these sites for ideas and tips.  What do you think?

Until tomorrow . . .

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